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Alex- The Homeopathic Treatment of Lyme Disease-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Alex: The Homeopathic Treatment of Lyme DiseaseLyme Disease is a difficult to treat multi-miasmatic illness that is reaching epidemic proportions in parts of the US, Canada and Europe. German physician and homeopath Peter Alex dissects the nature and compound sources of this ailment and offers clear principles, remedies and cases dealing with its treatment using homeopathy. The pros and cons of homeopathic prophylaxis are clearly presented, as are protocols for after-the-bite treatment.
Allen- Materia Medica of Nosodes, incl X-ray-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Allen: Materia Medica of Nosodes, incl X-rayWith detailed information on over 40 nosodes, sarcodes and imponderables like X-ray, this is perhaps the most extensive work on the subject.
Allen- Therapeutics of Intermittent Fever-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Allen: Therapeutics of Intermittent FeverAn explanation of terms, dosages and potencies, how to examine the patient and the causes of intermittent fever. has a Materia Medica showing comparisons with similar remedies and case examples whilst also has a Repertory of all the rubrics relating to intermittent fever.
Armstrong: Thinking Dog

Hinta €15

Clarke: Gunpowder as a War Rx
Coulter- Portraits of Homeopathic Medicines-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Coulter: Portraits of Homeopathic Medicines I
Coulter- Portraits of Homeopathic Medicines II-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Coulter: Portraits of Homeopathic Medicines II
Coulter- Portraits of Homeopathic Medicines III-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Coulter: Portraits of Homeopathic Medicines III
Notes on Miasms, Heredity and Nosodes, Filip DegrooteDegroote: Notes on miasm hereditary and rx interaction
De Schepper: Discovering Life – Homeopathic Portraits
De Schepper- Achieving and Maintaining the Simillimum-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-De Schepper: Achieving and Maintaining the Simillimum
De Schepper: Acupuncture for the practitioner
De Schepper: Advanced Guide for The Professional Homeopaths

Hinta €49

Sea Remedies, Jo EvansEvans: Sea Remedies
Evans- Meditative Provings I-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille- Evans: Meditative Provings I
Evans- Meditative Provings II-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Evans: Meditative Provings II
The Aids Miasm, Peter FraserFraser: Aids
Frei- Polarity Analysis in homeopathy-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Frei: Polarity Analysis in homeopathy
Goethe- Homeopathic Clinical Pictures-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Goethe: Homeopathic Clinical Pictures
Goethe- Homeopathic Remedy Pictures-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Goethe: Homeopathic Remedy Pictures
Homeopathic Clinical Pictures - Part 2, Alexander Gothe / Julia DrinnenbergGoethe: Homeopathic Clinical Pictures 2
Golden: Homeoprophylaxis
Hahnemann- Chronic Diseases (theory)-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Hahnemann: Chronic Diseases (2 vol with materia medica)
Hahnemann: Materia Medica Pura
Homeopathy for Musculoskeletal Healing, Asa HershoffHershoff: Hom for Musculoskeletal Healing
Homeopathic Remedies, Asa HershoffHershoff: Homeopathic Remedies
Repertory of Veterinary Homeopathy, John HoareHoare: Repertory of Vet Hom
The Trituration Handbook, Anneke Hogeland / Judy SchriebmanHogeland/ Schriebman: Trituration Handbook
The Homeopathic Conversation, Brian Kaplan
Kaplan: Homeopathic Conversation
Lesser Writings, Clinical Cases, New Remedies, Aphorisms and Precepts, James Tyler KentKent: Lesser writings

Hinta €26

Clinical Focus Guide, Louis KleinKlein: Clinical Focus Guide to Hom. Rxs

Hinta €35

Homeopathic Mind Maps - Remedies of the Class Aves - Birds, Alicia LeeLee: MindMap Rxs of Avian-Birds

Hinta €42

Magliavori: Praxis I & II

Hinta €85

Master- Clinical Observations of Children Remedies-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Master: Clinical Observations of Children Remedies

Hinta €41

Master- Snakes to Simillimum-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Master: Snakes to Simillimum

Hinta €50

Miles- Homeopathy and Human Evolution-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Miles: Homeopathy and Human Evolution

Hinta €18

Morrison: Desktop Guide

Hinta €6,50

Carbon, Roger MorrisonMorrison: Carbon

Hinta €99

Murphy- Nature's Materia Medica-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Murphy: Nature’s Materia Medica

Hinta €77

Perko- Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Perko: Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza
New World Veterinary Repertory, Richard H. Pitcairn / Wendy F. JensenPitcairn: New World Vet Repertory

Hinta €133

The Heart of Homeopathy, Ruth RaspeRaspe: Heart of Homeopathy

Hinta €14

Sankaran- An Insight into Plants (2 kirjaa)-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Sankaran: An Insight into Plants

Hinta €85

Bowel Nosodes in Homeopathic Practice, John SaxtonSaxton: Bowel Nosodes in Homeopathic Practice

Hinta €35

Saxton- Miasms as Practical Tools-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Saxton: Miasms as Practical Tools

Hinta €25

Scholten- Homeopathy and Minerals-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Scholten: Homeopathy and Minerals

Hinta €38

Scholten- Lanthanides-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Scholten: Lanthanides

Hinta €66

Genius of Homeopathy, Francis TreuherzTreuherz: Genius of Homeopathy

Hinta €43

Rose Quartz, Peter L. TumminelloTumminello: Rose Quartz, garden of the heart

Hinta €22

Vermeulen- Prisma-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Vermeulen: Prisma

Hinta €74

Vermeulen- Synoptic 2-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Vermeulen: Synoptic 2

Hinta €50

Concordant Reference, Frans VermeulenVermeulen: Concordant Reference Materia Medica

Hinta €99

Vithoulkas- Anxieties and Jealousy-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Vithoulkas: Anxieties and Jealousy

Hinta €53

Materia Medica Viva 1-12  engl., George VithoulkasVithoulkas: Materia Medica Viva I-XII

Hinta €30

The Tao of Homeopathy, Ian WatsonWatson Ian: Tao of Homeopathy

Hinta €14

A Guide to the Methodologies of Homeopathy, Ian WatsonWatson Ian: A Guide to the Methodologies of of Homeopathy

Hinta €14

Classical Homeopathy Evidence Based Medicine vol. 1, Erik van Woenselvon Wengdel: Evidence Based Homeopathy

Hinta €38

Wheeler: Bach Remedies Repertory

Hinta €8

Whitmont- Psyche & Substance-ammattikirjallisuus-homeopaateille-Whitmont: Psyche & Substance

Hinta €20


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