Homeopathy practitioners in Helsinki & Finland

Homeopathy in English in Finland — Classical homeopathy is the science of complementary medicine. It was created over two centuries ago by German doctor Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843).

Hello and welcome to my homeopathy website! I serve my clientele in Finnish and English for all their homeopathic needs.

Hello, my name is Jaana Kolehmainen. I am a classical homeopath and am involved in the English language homeopathic treatment of both human & animal patients at my practices in Helsinki, Turku and the Joensuu area. I completed my four years of basic study & two years of animal homeopathy specialisation over ten years ago. Ever since, I have been treating both human & animal patients following the principles of classical homeopathy set out by Samuel Hahnemann. Besides my homeopathic practice, I currently teach new students at the TSH in Helsinki. I also run a training program for homeopaths willing to specialize in the treatment of animals, and I am an active participant in the organisation of international homeopathic seminars. In addition, I deliver Homeopathic First Aid lectures at various clubs and associations around Finland. I run a small (English) homeopathic book store that is open at major seminars & study weekends – at other times books can be ordered by email. Currently I am vice chairman of the Finnish Homeopathic Association & their liaison to the ECCH. Vital Vision Oy offers you and your pet access to services which include classical homeopathy, classical homeopathy for animals together with nutritional advice, homeopathic first aid courses, post graduate training programs and seminars, professional literature sales, and equine and canine massage services. I’m happy to assist you and your dearest animals with my expertise, my understanding and my extensive network of professional colleagues in the area of classical homeopathy, animal behaviour and biomechanics.
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